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We will be helping window cleaners out on how to use a Water-Fed-Pole the safe way.


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I purchased my first SimPole this past February at the window cleaning convention in St. Pete Florida. My Crew raves about the simplicity and Durability of the pole. I am now purchasing My second Pole and we will be adding More . We Have 10+ window cleaners on staff with 5 Vans, all of which will be outfitted with a simpole in near future. 

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 I was asked what is the difference between a booster ro pump and and delivery pump. This is the links that answer it
one produces more pressure to push the water though the ro (booster pump) and the other ( demand pump) just increase line pressure to get it up the pole to the brush.

 Sim52 Happy Client

 I bought a 52' from Phil last year. It's great. You will want to have someone to trade off with when you are doing the really high windows. It's a light pole but at that height it gets fatiguing. The photo shows it partially extended with some of the sections dropped off. The corner window is frameless so the rigidity and light weight were critical. Running off the window was not an option. I could not have done this with my grafter hybrid pole.







A List Some Best WFP Chemicals

A List Some Best WFP Chemicals

1.      Bonami

2.      Ecover

3.      Cement-Off

4.        Denatured Alcohol



SimPole Way to Clean Windows !